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5 ‘golden rules’ dentists should consider before joining a DSO: Dr. Ray Khouri

Ray Khouri, DDS, founder and CEO of United Dental Corp., told Forbes Jan. 21 what he thinks dentists should consider before choosing a DSO.

With so many DSOs in the industry, it can be hard to know how to choose the right one.

Below are five “golden rules” from Dr. Khouri, DDS, for dentists considering DSOs:

  1. Understand exactly how much control you will have and make sure it’s in the written contract.
  2. A DSO should preserve a successful practice’s original model, not remake it.
  3. Maximize compensation. Equity should never be a substitute for compensation.
  4. DSOs should help the practice grow and explore new innovations.
  5. Bargain hard to maximize the value of the practice.

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