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Empowering the Future: Education and Safety for Africa's Youth

Join RSMC Foundation in transforming lives through education and health in Zambia and Malawi.

The aim of the R.S.M.C Foundation is to improve oral health in sub-Saharan Africa through innovative prevention and access programs in disadvantaged populations.

About RSMC Foundation

At RSMC Foundation, we're committed to enhancing educational opportunities and providing safe housing for the girl child in sub-Saharan Africa. Through partnerships with local educators and agencies, we strive to make a lasting impact in rural and underserved communities.

Discover the Challenges: Over 52 million girls out of school in sub-Saharan Africa (UNESCO), less than 50% of schools with adequate sanitation (UNICEF), and high rates of child marriage (Girls Not Brides).

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    Transforming Lives: The Girls Dorm Project

    Current Challenges

    Many girls in rural Zambia lack safe housing, often facing abuse and unintended pregnancies, which disrupt their education.

    Current Lodging

    Accommodations in huts are inadequate, leaving girls exposed and vulnerable.

    Project Goals

     By May 2024, the Girls Dorm Project aims to complete two dormitories, for up to 100 girls.

    Program Goals & Challenges


    1. Secure Shelter: Constructing dormitories to ensure safe, secure housing for orphaned and disadvantaged girls, fostering a stable environment conducive to learning and growth..
    2. Holistic Development:  Promoting emotional, educational, and social development, nurturing well-rounded individuals poised for a successful future.
    3. Health and Well-being: Providing access to healthcare, nutritious meals, and clean water, ensuring the overall health and well-being of each girl.
    4. Educational Empowerment:  Offering quality education and vocational training, equipping girls with essential skills and knowledge for self-reliance and success.
    5. Community Engagement: Collaborating with local communities in sustainable development, enhancing life quality and fostering communal support.
    6. Breaking the Poverty Cycle: Empowering girls to overcome poverty, fostering self-reliance and stability in a nurturing environment.


    Girls residing in rented huts near Mukulaikwa School are exposed to unhygienic and unsafe living conditions, heightening their vulnerability. These precarious environments have unfortunately led to increased instances of physical and sexual abuse, contributing to a concerning surge in pregnancies among girls. This situation poses a significant risk to their well-being and safety.

    1. Unsafe Living Conditions: Addressing the risks faced by girls in rented huts near schools, including unhygienic and unsafe environments.
    2. Increased Vulnerability: Tackling the heightened risk of physical and sexual abuse in precarious living situations.
    3. Rising Pregnancy Rates: Combating the surge in pregnancies among girls, often linked to their unsafe living conditions.
    4. Community Concern:  Responding to the significant worries of local communities and schools regarding the safety and well-being of their girls.
    5. Need for Safe Accommodations: Highlighting the urgent requirement for secure and conducive housing to ensure the girls’ continued education and safety.

    Partner Highlight (EMI Collaboration)

    Empowerment Ministries International (EMI) champions individual empowerment and community revitalization through impactful projects and initiatives. At the heart of this mission is the Girls Dorm Project at Mukulaikwa School, Zambia, a cornerstone of EMI’s Children’s Empowerment program, dedicated to nurturing and safeguarding the potential of young girls in rural communities.

    In partnership with Empowerment Ministries International, we’re dedicated to providing safe shelter and fostering education for girls in rural Zambia. This collaboration is a key part of our mission to nurture young potential.

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